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George cable

[key-buh l] /ˈkeɪ bəl/

George Washington, 1844–1925, U.S. novelist and short-story writer.
a strong thick rope, usually of twisted hemp or steel wire
(nautical) an anchor chain or rope

a wire or bundle of wires that conducts electricity: a submarine cable See also coaxial cable
Also called overseas telegram, international telegram, cablegram. a telegram sent abroad by submarine cable, radio, communications satellite, or by telephone line
See cable stitch
short for cable television
to send (a message) to (someone) by cable
(transitive) to fasten or provide with a cable or cables
(transitive) to supply (a place) with or link (a place) to cable television

c.1200, from Old North French cable, from Medieval Latin capulum “lasso, rope, halter for cattle,” from Latin capere “to take, seize” (see capable). Technically, in nautical use, a rope 10 or more inches around; in non-nautical use, a rope of wire (not hemp or fiber). Given a new range of senses in 19c.: Meaning “message received by telegraphic cable” is from 1883 (short for cable message). Cable car is from 1879. Cable television first attested 1963; shortened form cable is from 1972.

c.1500, “to tie up with cables;” 1871, American English, “to transmit by cable;” from cable (n.). Related: Cabled; cabling.


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