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George grove

[grohv] /groʊv/

Sir George, 1820–1900, English musicologist.
Robert Moses (“Lefty”) 1900–75, U.S. baseball player.
a small wooded area or plantation


Old English graf “grove, copse” (akin to græafa “thicket”), from Proto-Germanic *graibo-, but not certainly found in other Germanic languages and with no known cognates anywhere else.

(1.) Heb. ‘asherah, properly a wooden image, or a pillar representing Ashtoreth, a sensual Canaanitish goddess, probably usually set up in a grove (2 Kings 21:7; 23:4). In the Revised Version the word “Asherah” (q.v.) is introduced as a proper noun, the name of the wooden symbol of a goddess, with the plurals Asherim (Ex. 34:13) and Asheroth (Judg. 3:13). The LXX. have rendered _asherah_ in 2 Chr. 15:16 by “Astarte.” The Vulgate has done this also in Judg. 3:7. (2.) Heb. ‘eshel (Gen. 21:33). In 1 Sam. 22:6 and 31:13 the Authorized Version renders this word by “tree.” In all these passages the Revised Version renders by “tamarisk tree.” It has been identified with the Tamariscus orientalis, five species of which are found in Palestine. (3.) The Heb. word ‘elon, uniformly rendered in the Authorized Version by “plain,” properly signifies a grove or plantation. In the Revised Version it is rendered, pl., “oaks” (Gen. 13:18; 14:13; 18:1; 12:6; Deut. 11:30; Josh. 19:33). In the earliest times groves are mentioned in connection with religious worship. The heathen consecrated groves to particular gods, and for this reason they were forbidden to the Jews (Jer. 17:3; Ezek. 20:28).


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