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George m pullman

[poo l-muh n] /ˈpʊl mən/

plural Pullmans. a railroad sleeping car or parlor car.
noun, plural Pullmans for 2.
(often lowercase). Also called Pullman case. a large suitcase.
George Mortimer, 1831–97, U.S. inventor and railroad car designer.
noun (pl) -mans
a luxurious railway coach, esp a sleeping car Also called Pullman car
Philip. born 1946, British author. Writing primarily for older children, he is best known for the fantasy trilogy His Dark Materials (1997–2000)

sleeping car on a passenger train, 1867, Pullman car, in recognition of U.S. inventor George M. Pullman (1831-1897) of Chicago, who designed a railroad car with folding berths.

The Pullman Sleeping Car.–“The Western World.” This splendid specimen of car architecture, being one of a number of sleeping-cars to be completed for the Michigan Central road, by Mr. Pullman, has created a great sensation among railway circles east. … The car itself is admitted by all who have seen it to be, in the matter of sleeping and cooking accessories, and superb finish, the ne plus ultra of perfection. Nothing before has been seen to equal, much less surpass it. [“Western Railroad Gazette,” Chicago, quoted in “Appleton’s Illustrated Railway and Steam Navigation Guide,” New York, June, 1867]


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