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[jawr-jee-an-uh] /ˌdʒɔr dʒiˈæn ə/

a female given name.


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  • Georgian-bay

    noun 1. the NE part of Lake Huron, in Ontario, Canada. 6000 sq. mi. (15,500 sq. km). noun 1. a bay in S central Canada, in Ontario, containing many small islands: the NE part of Lake Huron. Area: 15 000 sq km (5800 sq miles)

  • Georgia-pine

    noun 1. .

  • Georgic

    [jawr-jik] /ˈdʒɔr dʒɪk/ adjective 1. . noun 2. a poem on an theme. /ˈdʒɔːdʒɪk/ adjective 1. (literary) agricultural noun 2. a poem about rural or agricultural life 1510s, Georgics, title of Virgil’s poems on rural life, from Latin georgica, from georgicus (adj.), from Greek georgikos “of a husbandman, agricultural,” from ge “earth” + ergon “work” […]

  • Georgina

    [jawr-jee-nuh] /dʒɔrˈdʒi nə/ noun 1. a town in SE Ontario, in S Canada. 2. Also, Georgine [jawr-jeen] /dʒɔrˈdʒin/ (Show IPA). a female given name.

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