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[jer-meyn; French zher-men] /dʒərˈmeɪn; French ʒɛrˈmɛn/

a female given name.


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  • German-africa

    noun 1. the former German colonies in Africa, comprising German East Africa, German Southwest Africa, Cameroons, and Togoland.

  • German-baptist-brethren

    noun 1. . plural noun 1. a Protestant sect founded in 1708 in Germany but who migrated to the US in 1719–29, the members of which (Dunkers) insist on adult baptism by total immersion Also called Church of the Brethren

  • German chocolate cake

    noun a layered chocolate cake with a coconut-and-pecan frosting Examples The first published recipe for German’s chocolate cake recipe showed up in a Dallas newspaper in 1957 and came from a Texas homemaker. Word Origin 1957; uses Baker’s German Sweet Chocolate, named for Samuel German

  • Germander

    [jer-man-der] /dʒərˈmæn dər/ noun 1. any of several plants or shrubs belonging to the genus Teucrium, of the mint family, as T. chamaedrys, of Europe, and T. canadense, of eastern North America. /dʒɜːˈmændə/ noun 1. any of several plants of the genus Teucrium, esp T. chamaedrys (wall germander) of Europe, having two-lipped flowers with a […]

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