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[jer-man-uh-fahyl] /dʒərˈmæn əˌfaɪl/

a person who is friendly toward or admires or studies Germany or German culture.
a person having admiration for or devotion to Germany and the Germans


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  • Germanophobe

    [jer-man-uh-fohb] /dʒərˈmæn əˌfoʊb/ noun 1. a person who hates or fears Germany, Germans, or German culture. /dʒɜːˈmænəˌfəʊb/ noun 1. a person who hates Germany or its people

  • Germanous

    [jer-mey-nuh s] /dʒərˈmeɪ nəs/ adjective, Chemistry. 1. containing bivalent . /dʒɜːˈmænəs/ adjective 1. of or containing germanium in the divalent state

  • German potato salad

    noun a hot or warm potato salad including bacon, onion, celery, and green pepper mixed with seasonings, sugar, and bacon fat Usage Note cooking

  • German-shepherd

    noun 1. one of a breed of large shepherd dogs having a coat ranging in color from gray to brindled, black-and-tan, or black, used especially in police work and as a guide for the blind. noun 1. another name for Alsatian (sense 1)

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