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Gertrude stein

Gertrude, 1874–1946, U.S. author in France.
Heinrich Friedrich Karl
[hahyn-rikh free-drikh kahrl] /ˈhaɪn rɪx ˈfri drɪx kɑrl/ (Show IPA), Baron vom und zum
[fawm oo nt tsoo m] /fɔm ʊnt tsʊm/ (Show IPA), 1757–1831, German statesman.
William Howard, 1911–80, U.S. biochemist: Nobel Prize in chemistry 1972.
Contemporary Examples

This Regular version sometimes sounds like the near sequiturs of gertrude stein or her clever admirer Donald Barthelme.
A Country House of Fools: Norman Rush’s ‘Subtle Bodies’ Tom LeClair September 9, 2013

It took two unlikely people to revive it half century later: gertrude stein and the literary critic Edmund Wilson.
A Brief History of the Presidential Memoir Joshua Robinson November 7, 2010

[Director] Naomi Foner is the one that told me that gertrude stein quote.
Jenny Lewis on ‘The Voyager,’ the End of Rilo Kiley, and High School Classmate Angelina Jolie Marlow Stern August 16, 2014

gertrude stein was the rare modernist who took the “cute” seriously.
Zany, Cute, Interesting: What the Words We Use Say About Us Benjamin Lytal October 22, 2012

I have switched sides on the Small Faces and Scorsese and Max Ernst and gertrude stein.
Constructive Criticism: Reviewing the Idea of Reviewing Ben Greenman May 19, 2013

As one Democratic policy consultant puts it, “They are as ancient as gertrude stein in Paris or the Algonquin in New York.”
President Obama’s Hill Challenge in Avoiding Fiscal Cliff James Warren November 8, 2012

Malcolm is fluent in the ruses of modernist fiction (consider her profiles of gertrude stein and Alice B. Toklas in Two Lives).
The Artist Formerly Known as Janet Malcolm Lauren Du Graf June 5, 2013

Historical Examples

And what I think is that these books of gertrude stein’s do in a very real sense recreate life in words.
Geography and Plays Gertrude Stein

For me the work of gertrude stein consists in a rebuilding, an entire new recasting of life, in the city of words.
Geography and Plays Gertrude Stein

gertrude stein’s writing technique is probably best exemplified by her own writing.
The Civilization of Illiteracy Mihai Nadin

an earthenware beer mug, esp of a German design
the quantity contained in such a mug
(staɪn). Gertrude. 1874–1946, US writer, resident in Paris (1903–1946). Her works include Three Lives (1908) and The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas (1933)
(German) (ʃtain). Heinrich Friedrich Carl (ˈhainrɪç ˈfriːdrɪç karl), Baron Stein. 1757–1831, Prussian statesman, who contributed greatly to the modernization of Prussia and played a major role in the European coalition against Napoleon (1813–15)
(stiːn). Jock, real name John. 1922–85, Scottish footballer and manager: managed Celtic (1965–78) and Scotland (1978–85)

1855, from German Stein, shortened form of Steinkrug “stone jug,” from Stein “stone” (see stone (n.)) + Krug “jug, jar.”

Stein (stīn), William Howard. 1911-1980.

American biochemist. He shared a 1972 Nobel Prize for pioneering studies of ribonuclease.


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