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[je-stey-shuh n] /dʒɛˈsteɪ ʃən/

the process, state, or period of .

the development of an idea or plan in the mind
the period of such a development

1530s, “riding on horseback, etc., as a form of exercise,” from Latin gestationem (nominative gestatio) “a carrying,” noun of action from gestare “bear, carry, gestate,” frequentative of gerere (past participle gestus) “to bear, carry, bring forth” (see gest). Meaning “action or process of carrying young in the womb” is from 1610s.

gestation ges·ta·tion (jě-stā’shən)
The period of fetal development from conception until birth; pregnancy.
The period of time spent in the uterus between conception and birth. Gestation in humans is about nine months.


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