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Get a bag on

Related Terms

tie a bag on


Drunk, esp slightly drunk: a little tiddly, which is to say, shot or blind (1905+)


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  • Get a bang out of

    verb phrase To enjoy especially; get a thrill out of: The younger set is not ”getting a bang” out of things anymore (1930+) Also get a charge or kick out of. Get a feeling of excitement from, get a thrill from. For example, I get a bang out of taking the kids to the amusement […]

  • Get a break

    Obtain a favorable opportunity; get special consideration or treatment. For example, The understudy finally got a break when the star became ill, or The new price is higher, but you are getting a break on service. [ c. 1900 ] Also see: give someone a break

  • Get a can on

    verb phrase To get drunk: A gal used to throw herself out the window every time she got a can on (1920s+)

  • Get a charge

    see: get a bang

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