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Get a free ride

verb phrase


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  • Get after

    Urge or scold someone about doing something. For example, Dad should get after Billy to mow the lawn , or Mary got after Jane for forgetting her house key . Also see keep after

  • Get a grip on

    Also, have a grip on. Obtain mastery or control over something or someone. For example, Get a grip on yourself or the reporters will give you a hard time, or, as Arthur Conan Doyle put it in Sherlock Holmes (1894): “I have a grip on the essential facts of the case.” This expression transfers a […]

  • Get a hand

    see: give a hand , def. 2.

  • Get a handle on someone

    verb phrase To begin to understand someone; have a clue as to someone’s character, behavior, etc: That’s right. I can’t get a handle on him (1972+) verb phrase To find a way of coping; discover how to proceed: Sometimes I think I haven’t got a handle on things anymore/ They’ve just got to get a […]

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