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Get a head start

see: head start


Read Also:

  • Get a hinge at

    verb phrase To look at; glance at: I only write you letters instead of getting a hinge at your kisser/ a fast hinge at the sodden courtyard [1930s+; perhaps fr the action of turning the head, as if on a hinge]

  • Get a hump on

    verb phrase To speed up; hurry; get busy; get a move on: Get a hump on with that assignment, OK? (1890s+)

  • Get a hustle on

    Related Terms get a move on

  • Get a kick out of

    verb phrase To enjoy immensely; take great pleasure in: I sure get a kick out of the way you guys kid each other along/ I get a kick out of you (1903+) see: get a bang out of

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