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Get down on someone

verb phrase

To show strong disapproval or lack of trust; rebuke; upbraid: Mama used to get down on me about hanging out with Reno (1875+)

Related Terms

go down on someone


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  • Get down to brass tacks

    Get to the real issue; deal with the task at hand: “After avoiding the thorny question of tax reform for months, Congress finally got down to brass tacks last week and drafted a preliminary proposal.” Related Terms down to brass tacks Also, get down to bedrock or the nitty gritty or cases . Deal with […]

  • Get face

    verb phrase To gain respect; also, to raise one’s status •Opposite of lose face: doing her best to get face after she was acquitted

  • Get down to cases

    verb phrase To talk seriously; talk turkey (1930s+)

  • Get fucked

    interjection A rude utterance of rejection, scorn, dismissal, etc: And Robbie said, ”Get fucked, Tony,” and hung up [1970s+; possibly modeled on British get stuffed, found by 1952]

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