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Get into trouble

see: in trouble with


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  • Get in touch

    see: in touch

  • Get involved

    Become associated, especially in an emotional or sexual way. For example, He joined the company last year but never really got involved in the work, or It’s been two years since Tom got involved with Jean.

  • Get in with

    Become involved or associated with, as in She got in with the right crowd, or These loans got me in deeper and deeper with the bank. [ Late 1600s ]

  • Get it all together

    verb phrase (Variations: one’s act or one’s head or one’s shit or one’s stuff may replace it) To arrange one’s life or affairs properly; integrate and focus oneself: Get your shit together, said Junior Jones/ why the executive departments of government don’t get their act together/ Congress has to get its shit together (1960s+ Counterculture […]

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