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Get out of the gate

verb phrase

To start; get under way; get off the block: I think it was important to get out of the gate quickly

[1980s+ fr horse racing; fr the starting gate of a horse track]


Read Also:

  • Get outside of

    verb phrase To eat or drink heartily: as he got outside of a bowl of chili (1888+)

  • Get out of the way

    see: out of the way

  • Get out while the getting is good

    Leave while one can or has the chance to, as in He just had a good offer from a rival firm and decided to get out while the getting is good . This colloquial phrase uses get out in the sense of “escape” or “depart.”

  • Get over something

    verb phrase To recover or rebound from something; be restored to the previous norm; surmount: the 1954 equivalent of ”you lost, now get over it”/ My suggestion is: GET OVER IT! and conduct a decent interview (1687+)

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