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Get rolling

see: get a move on


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  • Get sick

    1. [Ninth century] 2. Become disgusted, as in We got sick as we learned how much money was wasted, or I get sick when I hear about his debts. [ Early 1500s ] Also see: make one sick 3. Also, get sick to one’s stomach; be sick. Become nauseated, vomit, as in If you eat […]

  • Get small

    verb phrase To disappear; disperse and vanish; MAKE oneself SCARCE: Those suspects got small in a hurry (1980s+ Police)

  • Get smart

    verb phrase To become wisely aware of one’s situation, the possibilities, etc; wise up: Tell him if he doesn’t get smart he’ll get clobbered (1940s+)

  • Get some

    verb phrase To succeed in having sex or finding a sexual partner •Euphemistic: get some once a week (1880s+)

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