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Get something off the ground

verb phrase

To make a successful start: As Wilbur said to Orville, ”You’ll never get it off the ground” (1940s+)


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  • Get something on someone

    Also, have something on someone. Obtain or possess damaging knowledge about someone. For example, They hoped to get something on the candidate, or Once Tom had something on his boss, he knew he would not be pressured again. [ c. 1920 ] Also see: be on to

  • Get something over

    verb phrase To explain successfully; PUT something ACROSS: He decided to devote all his energy to getting his own platform across [1894+; fr a stage term for success, to get it across the footlights] Related Terms get something across

  • Get something over with

    verb phrase To finish or end something without procrastination; come to the stopping point: It was a very tough job, but we had to get it over with [1765+; the date refers to the phrase over with]

  • Get somewhere

    verb phrase To attain some success: getting somewhere with this proposal (1923+) Make progress. For example, The foundation has been laid, so we’re finally getting somewhere . Also see

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