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Get the upper hand

see: upper hand


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  • Get the worst of it

    Also, have the worst of it . Be defeated, experience a disadvantage, or suffer the most harm. For example, In any argument Joe usually gets the worst of it , or If we play the last three games as scheduled, our team is bound to have the worst of it , or The car got […]

  • Get through to

    see: get through , def. 3 and 4.

  • Getting there

    see under get there

  • Get-together

    [get-tuh-geth-er] /ˈgɛt təˌgɛð ər/ noun 1. an informal and usually small social gathering. 2. a meeting or conference. noun 1. (informal) a small informal meeting or social gathering verb (adverb) 2. (transitive) to gather or collect 3. (intransitive) (of people) to meet socially 4. (intransitive) to discuss, esp in order to reach an agreement 5. […]

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