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Get to the bottom of

Find the basic underlying quality or cause of something. For example, He was determined to get to the bottom of the problem. [ Late 1700s ]
Also see: at bottom


Read Also:

  • Get to the point

    see: to the point

  • Get to the heart of

    Find or determine the most important or essential facts or meaning. For example, It’s important to get to the heart of the matter before we make any decisions. The noun heart has been used in the sense of “a vital part” since the early 1500s.

  • Get-tough

    [get-tuhf] /ˈgɛtˈtʌf/ adjective 1. characterized by firmness, determination, aggressiveness, or severity: a get-tough policy.

  • Get tough with

    Become harsh, severe, unyielding with someone. For example, We have to get tough with these people or we’ll get nowhere. [ c. 1930 ]

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