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[get-uh-wey] /ˈgɛt əˌweɪ/

a getting away or fleeing; an escape.
the start of a race:
a fast getaway.
a place where one escapes for relaxation, vacation, etc., or a period of time for such recreation:
a little seaside getaway; a two-week getaway in the Bahamas.
used as a means of escape or fleeing:
a stolen getaway car.
used for occasional relaxation, retreat, or reclusion:
a weekend getaway house.

“escape,” 1852, originally in fox hunting, from verbal phrase get away “escape” (c.1300); see get (v.) + away. Of prisoners or criminals from 1893.


: our getaway car/ getaway route/ getaway vacation package


The act of fleeing, esp from the scene of a crime: How about a quiet getaway from this mad scene? (1890s+)

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make one’s getaway


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