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Gibbs phase rule

Gibbs phase rule
See phase rule.


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  • Gibbus

    gibbus gib·bus (gĭb’əs) n. The hump of a deformed spine.

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    [jahyb] /dʒaɪb/ verb (used without object), gibed, gibing. 1. to utter mocking or scoffing words; jeer. verb (used with object), gibed, gibing. 2. to taunt; deride. noun 3. a taunting or sarcastic remark. [jahyb] /dʒaɪb/ verb (used with or without object), gibed, gibing, noun 1. 1 . [jahyb] /dʒaɪb/ Nautical verb (used without object), jibed, […]

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    a hill or hill-town, “of Benjamin” (1 Sam. 13:15), better known as “Gibeah of Saul” (11:4; Isa. 10:29). It was here that the terrible outrage was committed on the Levite’s concubine which led to the almost utter extirpation of the tribe of Benjamin (Judg. 19; 20), only six hundred men surviving after a succession of […]

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    (Josh. 5:3, marg.), hill of the foreskins, a place at Gilgal where those who had been born in the wilderness were circumcised. All the others, i.e., those who were under twenty years old at the time of the sentence at Kadesh, had already been circumcised.

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