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[gid-ee] /ˈgɪd i/

adjective, giddier, giddiest.
affected with vertigo; dizzy.
attended with or causing dizziness:
a giddy climb.
frivolous and lighthearted; impulsive; flighty:
a giddy young person.
verb (used with or without object), giddied, giddying.
to make or become giddy.
adjective -dier, -diest
affected with a reeling sensation and feeling as if about to fall; dizzy
causing or tending to cause vertigo
impulsive; scatterbrained
my giddy aunt, an exclamation of surprise
verb -dies, -dying, -died
to make or become giddy

Old English gidig, variant of gydig “insane, mad, stupid, possessed (by a spirit),” probably from Proto-Germanic *gud-iga-, from *gudam “god” + *-ig “possessed.” Meaning “having a confused, swimming sensation” is from 1560s. Meaning “elated” is from 1540s. Related: Giddily; giddiness.


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