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[gil-duh] /ˈgɪl də/

a female given name: from an Old English word meaning “golden.”.


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  • Gilded

    [gil-did] /ˈgɪl dɪd/ adjective 1. covered or highlighted with gold or something of a golden color. 2. having a pleasing or showy appearance that conceals something of little worth. [gild] /gɪld/ verb (used with object), gilded or gilt, gilding. 1. to coat with gold, gold leaf, or a gold-colored substance. 2. to give a bright, […]

  • Gilded-age

    noun 1. the period in the U.S. c1870–98, characterized by a greatly expanding economy and the emergence of plutocratic influences in government and society. noun in the US, a period c 1870 to 1898 (or World War I), which was marked by the growth of industry and wealth which supported materialism and political corruption Word […]

  • Gilded cage

    To be like “a bird in a gilded cage” is to live in luxury but without freedom: “Because the movie star could not go out without being recognized and pursued, she stayed in her penthouse, living like a bird in a gilded cage.” The encumbrances or limitations that often accompany material wealth, as in She […]

  • Gilder

    [gil-der] /ˈgɪl dər/ noun 1. a person or thing that . [gil-der] /ˈgɪl dər/ noun 1. . [gil-der] /ˈgɪl dər/ noun 1. a silver or nickel coin and monetary unit of the Netherlands until the was adopted, equal to 100 cents; florin. Abbreviation: Gld., f., fl. 2. a former gold coin of the Netherlands; florin. […]

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