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[gil-net] /ˈgɪlˌnɛt/

verb (used with object), gillnetted, gillnetting.
to catch (a fish) with a gill net.


Read Also:

  • Gill-over-the-ground

    [gil-oh-ver-th uh-ground, -ground] /ˈgɪlˌoʊ vər ðəˌgraʊnd, -ˈgraʊnd/ noun 1. .

  • Gill-netter

    [gil-net-er] /ˈgɪlˌnɛt ər/ noun 1. a person who uses a gill net in fishing. 2. a boat used in fishing with a gill net.

  • Gill-pouch

    [gil] /gɪl/ noun 1. . /ɡɪl/ noun 1. any of a series of paired linear pouches in chordate embryos, arising as outgrowths of the wall of the pharynx. In fish and some amphibians they become the gill slits

  • Gill-raker

    [gil] /gɪl/ noun 1. (in fish) one of a series of stiff projections along the inner margins of the branchial arches that prevent food particles from passing through the branchial clefts.

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