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Gin sling

an iced drink made from gin and water, sweetened, and flavoured with lemon or lime juice


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  • Gin up

    verb phrase To enliven; make more exciting; jazz up: To gin up support for his embattled plan, the President went to Capitol Hill on Wednesday/ Numbers of voters ginned up by the revelations may throw the bums out [1887+; probably fr earlier ginger up]

  • Ginza

    [gin-zuh] /ˈgɪn zə/ noun 1. the, a district in Tokyo, Japan, famous for its department stores, nightclubs, and bars.

  • Gilroy

    [gil-roi] /ˈgɪl rɔɪ/ noun 1. a town in W California.

  • Gilolo

    [jahy-loh-loh, ji-] /dʒaɪˈloʊ loʊ, dʒɪ-/ noun 1. . /dʒaɪˈləʊləʊ; dʒɪ-/ noun 1. See Halmahera

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