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[jin-jahy-vuh, jin-juh-] /dʒɪnˈdʒaɪ və, ˈdʒɪn dʒə-/

noun, plural gingivae
[jin-jahy-vee, jin-juh-vee] /dʒɪnˈdʒaɪ vi, ˈdʒɪn dʒəˌvi/ (Show IPA)
2 (def 1).
/ˈdʒɪndʒɪvə; dʒɪnˈdʒaɪvə/
noun (pl) -givae (-dʒɪˌviː; -ˈdʒaɪviː)
(anatomy) the technical name for the gum2

gingiva gin·gi·va (jĭn’jə-və, jĭn-jī’-)
n. pl. gin·gi·vae (-vē’)
See gum.
gin’gi·val (jĭn’jə-vəl, jĭn-jī’-) adj.
Plural gingivae (jĭn’jə-vē’)
The gums of the mouth. The gingiva are made up of epithelial tissue that is attached to the bones of the jaw and surrounds and supports the bases of the teeth. Also called gum2.


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    [jin-jahy-vuh l, jin-juh-] /dʒɪnˈdʒaɪ vəl, ˈdʒɪn dʒə-/ adjective 1. of or relating to the gums. 2. Phonetics. . adj. 1660s, from Latin gingiva “gums” (of unknown origin) + -al (1).

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    gingival crevice n. See gingival sulcus.

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    Gingival Index n. Abbr. GI An index of periodontal disease that relates to the severity and location of the lesion.

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    gingival margin n. The top edge or crest of the gingiva surrounding a tooth.

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