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[gurd-ler] /ˈgɜrd lər/

a person or thing that .
any of several insects, as a beetle, Oncideres cingulata (twig girdler) that cut a groove around the bark of a twig, stem, etc.
a person who makes .
a person or thing that girdles
a maker of girdles
any insect, such as the twig girdler, that bores circular grooves around the stems or twigs in which it lays its eggs


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  • Girdlescone

    /ˈɡɜːdəlˌskəʊn; -ˌskɒn/ noun 1. less common names for drop scone

  • Girdle sensation

    girdle sensation n. See zonesthesia.

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    [gur-dl-teyld] /ˈgɜr dlˌteɪld/ noun 1. any African lizard of the family Cordylidae, having a spiny tail used in defense.

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    noun 1. (mountaineering) a climb that consists of a complete traverse of a face or crag

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