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[Italian joo-bah] /Italian ˈdʒu bɑ/



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  • Giuki

    [gyoo-kee] /ˈgyu ki/ noun 1. . [gyoo-kee] /ˈgyu ki/ noun, (in the Volsunga Saga) 1. a king, the father of Gudrun and Gunnar and the husband of Grimhild.

  • Giukung

    [gyoo-koo ng] /ˈgyu kʊŋ/ noun 1. . [gyoo-koo ng] /ˈgyu kʊŋ/ noun, (in the Volsunga Saga) 1. any member of the family of Gjuki.

  • Giulio Romano

    [jool-yaw raw mah-naw] /ˈdʒul yɔ rɔ ˈmɑ nɔ/ noun 1. (Giulio Pippi de’ Giannuzzi) 1492?–1546, Italian painter and architect. /Italian ˈdʒuːljo roˈmaːno/ noun 1. ?1499–1546, Italian architect and painter; a founder of mannerism

  • Giuseppe garibaldi

    [gar-uh-bawl-dee; Italian gah-ree-bahl-dee] /ˌgær əˈbɔl di; Italian ˌgɑ riˈbɑl di/ noun 1. Giuseppe [juh-sep-ee;; Italian joo-zep-pe] /dʒəˈsɛp i;; Italian dʒuˈzɛp pɛ/ (Show IPA), 1807–82, Italian patriot and general. /ˌɡærɪˈbɔːldɪ/ noun 1. a woman’s loose blouse with long sleeves popular in the 1860s, copied from the red flannel shirt worn by Garibaldi’s soldiers 2. (Brit) a […]

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