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Give someone a tumble

verb phrase

To show a sign of recognition or approval; acknowledge: The newspaper guys had the Bone Crusher pegged as a plant and wouldn’t give him a tumble/ Both knew me, but neither gave me a tumble

[1921+; probably fr the earlier take a tumble to oneself, ”examine oneself closely, esp with respect to one’s faults,” after which tumble was taken to mean ”scrutiny, acknowledgment”]


Read Also:

  • Give someone away

    verb phrase To expose oneself; show one’s opinion, guilt, etc: I tried to be serious, but a grin gave me away (1862+)

  • Give someone fits

    see: have a fit

  • Give someone five

    verb phrase (Variation: slap can replace give) To shake hands with someone or slap someone’s hand in greeting, congratulation, etc; GIVE someone SOME SKIN: Reno put out his hand for me to give him five (1960s+ Black) Related Terms high five, low five

  • Give someone grief

    verb phrase To make difficulties for someone; harass; hassle: Don’t let the prof give you any grief about this/ though she gave me heat about it not being ”man’s work” (1920s+)

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