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Give someone the raspberry

verb phrase

To make a noise expressing displeasure or contempt: audience gave her the raspberry for such distasteful jokes


Read Also:

  • Give someone the runaround

    verb phrase To be deceptive and persistently evasive with someone: Don’t give me the runaround (1924+)

  • Give someone the sack

    verb phrase To dismiss someone; terminate employment [1825+; origin uncertain; the phrase donner son sac, ”to give him his sack,” has been current in French since the 1600s; sack may be ”traveling bag, bindle”]

  • Give someone the shaft

    verb phrase To swindle, maltreat, or otherwise deal punishingly with someone; fuck, shaft: He wasn’t expecting much praise, but he sure didn’t think they’d give him the shaft like that (1940s+)

  • Give someone the shake

    verb phrase To rid oneself of someone; get away from someone: He gave the cops the shake a block or so away/ I’ve been expecting Tish to give you the shuck (1940s+)

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