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Give the word

Also, say the word. Give an order, tell or show when something is to be done, as in If you want us to move out, just give the word, or When you want the car, just say the word. The first expression, dating from about 1400, originally alluded to uttering a password in response to a sentinel’s challenge. The second is even older, appearing in an early translation of the biblical books of Genesis and Exodus: “And God said the word to Abraham.”


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  • Give to understand

    Lead one to think, as in I was given to understand that the President was coming here. [ Mid-1500s ]

  • Give vent to

    Express an emotion, as in He didn’t dare give vent to his annoyance in front of her parents. [ Late 1500s ]

  • Give-up

    [giv-uhp] /ˈgɪvˌʌp/ noun 1. something conceded or relinquished; concession: Labor has balked at any more give-ups in the contract talks. 2. Stock Exchange.

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