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Something unknown or unidentifiable: The water contains GKW, God knows what/ known to paleontologists as GKWs or God knows whats


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  • Gks-3d

    The three-dimensional version of GKS, a standard for graphics I/O (ISO 8805). (1994-11-02)

  • Glary

    [glair-ee] /ˈglɛər i/ adjective, glarier, glariest. 1. harshly brilliant; . [glair-ee] /ˈglɛər i/ adjective, glarier, glariest. 1. smooth and slippery, as ice.

  • Glas

    Goddard Laboratory of Atmospheric Sciences

  • Glaser

    [gley-zer] /ˈgleɪ zər/ noun 1. Donald A. 1926–2013, U.S. physicist: Nobel Prize 1960. /ˈɡleɪzə/ noun 1. Donald Arthur. born 1926, US physicist: invented the bubble chamber; Nobel prize for physics 1960

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