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[gluh-bel-uh m] /gləˈbɛl əm/

noun, plural glabella
[gluh-bel-uh] /gləˈbɛl ə/ (Show IPA)


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  • Glaber

    [glah-ber; French gla-ber] /ˈglɑ bər; French glaˈbɛr/ noun 1. Raoul [rah-ool] /rɑˈul/ (Show IPA), or Rudolphe [roo-dawlf] /ruˈdɔlf/ (Show IPA), c990–c1050, French ecclesiastic and chronicler.

  • Glabrate

    [gley-breyt, -brit] /ˈgleɪ breɪt, -brɪt/ adjective 1. Zoology. . 2. Botany. becoming ; somewhat . glabrate gla·brate (glā’brāt’, -brĭt) adj. Glabrous.

  • Glabrescent

    [gley-bres-uh nt] /gleɪˈbrɛs ənt/ adjective, Botany. 1. becoming glabrous. /ɡleɪˈbrɛsənt/ adjective (botany) 1. becoming hairless at maturity: glabrescent stems 2. nearly hairless

  • Glabrous

    [gley-bruh s] /ˈgleɪ brəs/ adjective, Zoology, Botany. 1. having a surface devoid of hair or pubescence. /ˈɡleɪbrəs/ adjective 1. (biology) without hair or a similar growth; smooth: a glabrous stem adj. 1630s, from Latin glaber “hairless, smooth, bald” (see glad). glabrous gla·brous (glā’brəs) adj. Having no hairs or projections, especially on body parts that normally […]

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