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[glad-hand] /ˈglædˌhænd/ Informal.

verb (used with object)
to greet warmly.
to greet in an insincerely effusive manner.
verb (used without object)
to greet others with enthusiasm, especially feigned enthusiasm:
The candidate spent weeks glad-handing around the state.

An excessively friendly or familiar person: “A glad-hander like Patterson offends more people than he charms.”


A person who evinces a warmth and heartiness that is probably insincere; one who is designedly cordial: He is what is known as a gladhander, meaning that he merely shakes hands and talks (1929+)


Effusive and warm; cordial: He gave me that glad-hand business


: After glad-handing the local dignitaries, he heads for the fence (1903+)

Related Terms

give someone the glad hand


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