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[glair-ee] /ˈglɛər i/

adjective, glairier, glairiest.
of the nature of ; viscous.
covered with .


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    [gleyv] /gleɪv/ noun, Archaic. 1. a sword or broadsword. /ɡleɪv/ noun 1. an archaic word for sword v. late 13c., used in Middle English of various weapons, from Old French glaive “lance, spear, sword,” also figuratively used for “violent death” (12c.), from Latin gladius “sword” (see gladiator); influenced by clava “knotty branch, cudgel, club,” related […]

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    modifier Exhibiting the attractions of a robust woman; Junoesque: We’re getting back to the glamazon look of the ’80s: bigger, taller, busty models (1980s+)

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