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Glass can

(Austral, slang) a short squat beer bottle


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  • Glass-ceiling

    noun 1. an upper limit to professional advancement, especially as imposed upon women, that is not readily perceived or openly acknowledged. noun 1. a situation in which progress, esp promotion, appears to be possible but restrictions or discrimination create a barrier that prevents it An unacknowledged — and ultimately illegal — barrier to advancement, especially […]

  • Glass-curtain

    noun 1. a transparent or translucent curtain covering the interior of a window opening.

  • Glass-cutter

    noun 1. a tool for cutting glass. 2. a person who cuts glass into specified sizes. 3. a person who etches designs onto or otherwise decorates the surface of glass.

  • Glassed-in

    [glast-in, glahst-] /ˈglæstˈɪn, ˈglɑst-/ adjective 1. enclosed by glass or glass panels, as for protection or shelter: a glassed-in shower.

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