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[glas-tuh n-ber-ee; for 1 also glas-tuh n-buh-ree; for 2 also glas-uh n-ber-ee] /ˈglæs tənˌbɛr i; for 1 also ˈglæs tən bə ri; for 2 also ˈglæs ənˌbɛr i/

a borough of SW England, in whose vicinity the ruins of an important Iron Age lake village have been found and to which in folklore both King Arthur and Joseph of Arimathaea have been linked, the latter as the founder of the abbey there.
a town in N Connecticut.
/ˈɡlæstənbərɪ; -brɪ/
a town in SW England, in Somerset: remains of prehistoric lake villages; the reputed burial place of King Arthur; site of a ruined Benedictine abbey, probably the oldest in England. Pop: 8429 (2001)

town in Somersetshire, famous as a prehistoric site, Old English Glestingabyrig, Glastingburi (725), “Stronghold (Old English byrig, dative of burh) of the people (Old English -inga-) living at Glaston,” a Celtic name, possibly meaning “woad place.”


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