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[gley-zhuh-ree] /ˈgleɪ ʒə ri/

the work of a ; glasswork.


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  • Glazing

    [gley-zing] /ˈgleɪ zɪŋ/ noun 1. the act of furnishing or fitting with glass; the business or work of a glazier. 2. panes or sheets of glass set or made to be set in frames, as in windows, doors, or mirrors. 3. the act of applying a . 4. the glassy surface of something . [gleyz] […]

  • Glazing-bar

    noun 1. a supporting or strengthening bar for a glass window, door, etc Usual US word muntin

  • Glazomania

    noun a passion for listmaking

  • Glb

    Mathematics. 1. . 1. gay, lesbian, bisexual. greatest lower bound

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