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[glahyd-path, -pahth] /ˈglaɪdˌpæθ, -ˌpɑθ/

noun, plural glidepaths
[glahyd-path z, -pahth z, -paths, -pahths] /ˈglaɪdˌpæðz, -ˌpɑðz, -ˌpæθs, -ˌpɑθs/ (Show IPA)
the course followed by an aircraft or spacecraft when descending for a landing.


Read Also:

  • Glide path

    noun 1. the approach path of an aircraft when landing, usually defined by a radar beam

  • Glide-plane

    noun, Crystallography. 1. a symmetry element of a space group such that a reflection of the lattice with respect to the plane and a translation of the lattice parallel to the plane bring the lattice back to its original position.

  • Glider

    [glahy-der] /ˈglaɪ dər/ noun 1. a motorless, heavier-than-air aircraft for from a higher to a lower level by the action of gravity or from a lower to a higher level by the action of air currents. 2. a porch swing made of an upholstered seat suspended from a steel framework by links or springs. 3. […]

  • Glide-slope

    noun, Aeronautics. 1. the angle that the glidepath of an aircraft or spacecraft makes with the horizontal.

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