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glioneuroma gli·o·neu·ro·ma (glē’ō-nu-rō’mə, -nyu-, glī’-)
A ganglioneuroma derived from neurons, containing numerous glial cells and fibers in the matrix.


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    gliosarcoma gli·o·sar·co·ma (glē’ō-sär-kō’mə, glī’-) n. A glioma consisting of immature, undifferentiated, pleomorphic, spindle-shaped cells with hyperchromatic nuclei and poorly formed fibrillary processes.

  • Gliosis

    [glahy-oh-sis] /glaɪˈoʊ sɪs/ noun 1. an increase in the size and number of astrocytes of the brain. gliosis gli·o·sis (glē-ō’sĭs, glī-) n. Excessive proliferation of the neuroglia.

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