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[glob-yool] /ˈglɒb yul/

a small spherical body.
a small globe, esp a drop of liquid
(astronomy) a small dark nebula thought to be a site of star formation

1660s, from French globule, from Latin globulus, diminutive of globus “globe” (see globe).

globule glob·ule (glŏb’yōōl)
A small spherical body, especially a drop of liquid.
glob’u·lar (-yə-lər) adj.


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    [glob-yuh-lif-er-uh s] /ˌglɒb yəˈlɪf ər əs/ adjective 1. containing or producing . /ˌɡlɒbjʊˈlɪfərəs/ adjective 1. producing, containing, or having globules

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    [glob-yuh-ler] /ˈglɒb yə lər/ adjective 1. globe-shaped; spherical. 2. composed of or having globules. 3. worldwide; global. /ˈɡlɒbjʊlə/ adjective 1. shaped like a globe or globule 2. having or consisting of globules adj. 1650s, from French globulaire, from Latin globus (see globe).

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