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[glom] /glɒm/ Slang.

verb (used with object), glommed, glomming.
to steal.
to catch or grab.
to look at.
a look or glimpse.
Verb phrases
glom onto, to take hold or possession of:
He wanted to glom onto some of that money.
verb (slang)
(transitive) foll by on to. to attach oneself to or associate oneself with
(US) to acquire, esp without paying

1907, glahm “grab, snatch, steal,” American English underworld slang, from Scottish glaum (1715), apparently from Gaelic glam “to handle awkwardly, grab voraciously, devour.” Sense of “look at, watch” (1945) apparently is derived from the same source. Related: Glommed; glomming.



[1907+ Underworld & hoboes; fr British dialect glaum, glam, ”hand,” ultimately fr Old English clamm, ”bond, grasp,” related to clamp]


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    verb phrase To acquire; grab; seize; latch on to: how many times the authorities might have glommed onto this man but didn’t (1907+ Underworld & hoboes)

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