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the events of 1688–89 by which James II was expelled and the sovereignty conferred on William and Mary.
the events of 1688–89 in England that resulted in the ousting of James II and the establishment of William III and Mary II as joint monarchs Also called Bloodless Revolution

A revolution in Britain in 1688 in which the parliament deposed King James II, a Roman Catholic who had asserted royal rights over the rights of Parliament. Parliament gave the crown to the Protestant King William III, a Dutch prince, and his British wife, Queen Mary II (daughter of James II), as joint rulers.

The Glorious Revolution was the last genuine revolution in Britain. Because there was little armed resistance in England to William and Mary, the revolution is also called the Bloodless Revolution. Battles did take place in Scotland and Ireland, however, between supporters of the new king and queen and the supporters of King James.

Note: When the crown was offered to William and Mary, they agreed to a Bill of Rights that severely limited the king or queen’s power. The British Bill of Rights is often regarded as a forerunner to the United States Bill of Rights.


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