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[glos-uh-ley-lee-uh, glaw-suh-] /ˌglɒs əˈleɪ li ə, ˌglɔ sə-/

incomprehensible speech in an imaginary language, sometimes occurring in a trance state, an episode of religious ecstasy, or schizophrenia.
another term for gift of tongues
(psychol) babbling in a nonexistent language

“speaking in tongues,” 1879, from Greek glossa “tongue, language” (see gloss (n.2)) + lalia “talk, prattle, a speaking,” from lalein “to speak, prattle,” of echoic origin.

glossolalia glos·so·la·li·a (glô’sə-lā’lē-ə)
Fabricated, nonmeaningful speech, especially associated with trances or certain schizophrenic syndromes.


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    glossopharyngeal breathing n. Respiration unaided by the primary muscles of respiration, the air being forced into the lungs by use of the tongue and muscles of the pharynx.

  • Glossoplasty

    glossoplasty glos·so·plas·ty (glô’sə-plās’tē) n. Reparative or plastic surgery of the tongue.

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