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glossotrichia glos·so·trich·i·a (glô’sō-trĭk’ē-ə)
See hairy tongue.


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  • Gloss paint

    noun 1. a type of paint composed of pigments ground up in a varnish medium, which produces a hard, shiny, and usually durable finish Also called gloss

  • Glossy

    [glos-ee, glaw-see] /ˈglɒs i, ˈglɔ si/ adjective, glossier, glossiest. 1. having a shiny or lustrous surface. 2. having a false or deceptive appearance or air, especially of experience or sophistication; specious. noun, plural glossies. 3. 1 (def 9). 4. a photograph printed on glossy paper. /ˈɡlɒsɪ/ adjective glossier, glossiest 1. smooth and shiny; lustrous 2. […]

  • Glossy-snake

    noun 1. a nocturnal burrowing snake, Arizona elegans, of the western U.S. and northern Mexico, having smooth, glistening scales of tan with brown blotches.

  • Glottal

    [glot-l] /ˈglɒt l/ adjective 1. of or relating to the . 2. Phonetics. articulated at the . noun 3. . /ˈɡlɒtəl/ adjective 1. of or relating to the glottis 2. (phonetics) articulated or pronounced at or with the glottis adj. 1846; see glottis + -al (1). Glossal is attested from 1860. glottal glot·tal (glŏt’l) adj. […]

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