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[gluhv] /glʌv/

a covering for the hand made with a separate sheath for each finger and for the thumb.
1 .
verb (used with object), gloved, gloving.
to cover with or as if with a glove; provide with gloves.
to serve as a glove for.
hand and glove. (def 55).
handle with kid gloves. (def 2).
take up the glove. 1 (def 4).
throw down the glove. 1 (def 5).
(often pl) a shaped covering for the hand with individual sheaths for the fingers and thumb, made of leather, fabric, etc See also gauntlet1 (sense 2)
any of various large protective hand covers worn in sports, such as a boxing glove
(informal) hand in glove, in an intimate relationship or close association
(informal) handle with kid gloves, to treat with extreme care
(informal) with the gloves off, (of a dispute, argument, etc) conducted mercilessly and in earnest, with no reservations
(transitive; usually passive) to cover or provide with or as if with gloves

Old English glof “glove, covering for the hand,” also “palm of the hand,” from Proto-Germanic *galofo (cf. Old Norse glofi), probably from *ga- collective prefix + *lofi “hand” (cf. Old Norse lofi, Middle English love, Gothic lofa “flat of the hand”), from PIE *lep- “be flat; palm, sole, shoulder blade” (cf. Russian lopata “shovel;” Lithuanian lopa “claw,” lopeta “shovel, spade”).

German Handschuh, the usual word for “glove,” literally “hand-shoe” (Old High German hantscuoh; also Danish and Swedish hantsche) is represented by Old English Handscio (the name of one of Beowulf’s companions, eaten by Grendel), but this is attested only as a proper name. To fit like a glove is first recorded 1771.

“to cover or fit with a glove,” c.1400, from glove (n.). Related: Gloved; gloving. Glover as a surname is from mid-13c.


To catch and hold the ball (1887+ Baseball)

Related Terms

not lay a glove on someone


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