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Guy Lewis Steele, Jr.


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  • Glu

    Biochemistry. 1. glutamic acid. Glu abbr. language A practical coarse grain implementation of the Lucid dataflow language for networks. (1998-03-07) glucose

  • Glubb

    [gluhb] /glʌb/ noun 1. Sir John Bagot [bag-uh t] /ˈbæg ət/ (Show IPA), (“Glubb Pasha”) 1897–1986, British army officer: commander of the Arab Legion in Jordan 1939–56.

  • Gluc-

    1. variant of before a vowel: glucide.

  • Glucagon

    [gloo-kuh-gon] /ˈglu kəˌgɒn/ noun, Biochemistry. 1. a hormone secreted by the pancreas that acts in opposition to insulin in the regulation of blood glucose levels. /ˈɡluːkəˌɡɒn; -ɡən/ noun 1. a polypeptide hormone, produced in the pancreas by the islets of Langerhans, that stimulates the release of glucose into the blood Compare insulin n. 1923, from […]

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