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[gloo-koh-suh-meen, -min] /gluˈkoʊ səˌmin, -mɪn/

noun, Biochemistry.
an aminosugar occurring in many polysaccharides of vertebrate tissue and also as the major component of chitin.
the amino derivative of glucose that occurs in chitin. It has been used in some herbal remedies

glucosamine glu·co·sa·mine (glōō-kō’sə-mēn’, glōō’kō-sə-mēn’)
An amino derivative of glucose that is found especially in polysaccharides such as chitin and in cell membranes.
(gl-kō’sə-mēn’, gl’kō-)
An amino derivative of glucose in which an amino group replaces a hydroxyl group. It is a component of many polysaccharides and is the basic structural unit of chitin. Glucosamine is used as an over-the-counter dietary supplement by some people with symptoms of arthritis. Chemical formula: C6H13NO5.


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