Glue language

Any language, usually a scripting language, used to write glue to integrate tools and other programs to solve some problem.

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  • Gluepot

    [gloo-pot] /ˈgluˌpɒt/ noun 1. a double boiler in which is melted. noun A racehorse: pay the cost the old gluepot rates when he toes the line [1950s+; fr the conventional belief or suspicion that horses go to the glue factory as raw material when no longer of use]

  • Glue-sniffing

    noun 1. the inhaling of the fumes of certain kinds of glue for the hallucinogenic or euphoric effect. noun 1. the practice of inhaling the fumes of certain types of glue to produce intoxicating or hallucinatory effects glue-sniffing n. Inhalation of fumes from plastic cements, the solvents of which, such as toluene, xylene, and benzene, […]

  • Gluey

    [gloo-ee] /ˈglu i/ adjective, gluier, gluiest. 1. like ; viscid; sticky. 2. full of or smeared with . adj. late 14c., from glue (n.) + -y (2).

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    [gluhg] /glʌg/ verb (used without object), glugged, glugging. 1. to make the sound of liquid pouring from a bottle. noun 2. such a sound. /ɡlʌɡ/ noun 1. a word representing a gurgling sound, as of liquid being poured from a bottle or swallowed 1768, imitative of the sound of swallowing a drink, etc. noun

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    /ˈɡlʌɡəbəl/ adjective 1. (informal) (of wine) easy and pleasant to drink

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