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Gluteofemoral bursa

gluteofemoral bursa n.
See intermuscular gluteal bursa.


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  • Gluteoinguinal

    gluteoinguinal glu·te·o·in·gui·nal (glōō’tē-ō-ĭng’gwə-nəl) adj. Relating to the buttocks and the groin.

  • Glutes

    [gloo-teez] /ˈglu tiz/ plural noun, Informal. 1. the muscles of the buttocks. noun The gluteus maximus muscles; the large muscles of the butt: Work those glutes gluteus muscles

  • Glutethimide

    [gloo-teth-uh-mahyd] /gluˈtɛθ əˌmaɪd/ noun, Pharmacology. 1. a white, crystalline, water-insoluble powder, C 13 H 15 NO 2 , used as a hypnotic and sedative. glutethimide glu·teth·i·mide (glōō-těth’ə-mīd’) n. A nonbarbiturate sedative and hypnotic drug.

  • Gluteus

    [gloo-tee-uh s, gloo-tee-] /ˈglu ti əs, gluˈti-/ noun, plural glutei [gloo-tee-ahy, gloo-tee-ahy] /ˈglu tiˌaɪ, gluˈti aɪ/ (Show IPA). Anatomy. 1. any of several muscles of the buttocks, especially the . /ɡlʊˈtiːəs/ noun (pl) -tei, -taei (-ˈtiːaɪ) 1. any one of the three large muscles that form the human buttock and move the thigh, esp the […]

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