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[gloot-n-uh nt] /ˈglut n ənt/

a nematocyst that discharges a thread covered with a sticky secretion.


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  • Glutinous

    [gloot-n-uh s] /ˈglut n əs/ adjective 1. of the nature of glue; gluey; viscid; sticky. /ˈɡluːtɪnəs/ adjective 1. resembling glue in texture; sticky adj. “of the nature of glue,” early 15c. (implied c.1400 in glutinosity), from Latin glutinosus “gluey, viscous, tenacious,” from gluten (genitive glutinis) “glue” (see glue (n.)). glutinous glu·ti·nous (glōōt’n-əs) adj. Adhesive; sticky. […]

  • Glutinous rice

    noun a variety of sticky milky-colored Oriental rice containing amylose and amylopectin; also called pearl rice , sticky rice , [sweet rice] Examples The major production areas for glutinous rice are the upper northern and northeastern regions of Thailand where water is scarce.

  • Glutitis

    glutitis glu·ti·tis (glōō-tī’tĭs) n. Inflammation of the muscles of the buttock.

  • Glutose

    [gloo-tohs] /ˈglu toʊs/ noun 1. an ingredient of a syrupy mixture obtained by the action of alkali on levulose or found in the unfermentable reducing portion of cane molasses.

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